Community Health Improvement Plan

Learn more about the top five health issues facing Delaware County and how the Community Health Improvement Plan will make an impact.

Container Gardens

Container gardens are helping county residents grow their own food through the Creating Healthy Communities grant.

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SAFE Delaware has an important message for the health and safety of our community

Go Healthy! Delaware County


Whether you live, work or play in Delaware County, we want you to make sure that you maximize your health, not just today, but forever. As many of you are aware, Delaware County has ranked as the healthiest county in the state of Ohio for three years in a row, but that doesn’t mean we cannot make improvements.

Ohio, in 2012, ranked 35th in the nation by the University of Wisconsin and the Robert Wood Johnson Foundation as a part of the County Health rankings project.  Based on our state's overall health, we are able to continue to make improvements in our community's overall health. Go Healthy! Delaware County is a movement composed of many local leaders invested in assuring that Delaware County leads the nation in preventing the number of people who develop chonic conditions.   Specifically, Go Healthy! Delaware County is determined to reduce the incidence of: cancer, heart disease, stroke, diabetes, arthritis and obesity.

The Delaware General Health District formed Go Healthy! Delaware County, following receipt of the Action Communities for Health, Innovation and EnVironmental changE (ACHIEVE) grant.

Our mission is simple:
“Delaware County is the vibrant and healthy place to live, work, play and age.”

And we plan:
“To make healthful living easy by providing a framework and access to healthy choices for all in Delaware County."

Join us as we provide a wide variety of resources and ideas to help make our environment a place where we can make healthy choices, easy choices.  Our physical environment and curent lifestyle make it too easy to eat too much; eat foods that are less healthy; and make excuses not to engage in physical activity.  Additionally, in some areas of our community healthy choices are not locally available. Go Healthy! Delaware County wants to work with you to make life easier and healthier!

This site is here to help you take individual action; determine strategies you can use at your workplace or school; and find resources to improve healthy options available to you.

The map to the right will provide you with information on existing bike and walking trails. You can easily determine what is close to home and how to access them. Additionally, you can find information on our county; the Go Healthy! Delaware County action plan and progress made on that plan; resources available to you as a resident, business owner, elected official or healthcare provider; and how you can get involved.

The Exercise Tracker button located on the bottom of the page is there to engage you in local community challenges all designed to get you up and moving.  The site will also challenge you to improve your diet, though small and easy changes that will be designed to make long term changes in your behaviors.  Join Delaware County residents, working together to improve their health!

Thanks for checking us out and we look forward to improving everyone’s health…remember Go Healthy! Delaware County!

Click Here for more information about ACHIEVE from the CDC.