Community Health Improvement Plan

Learn more about the top five health issues facing Delaware County and how the Community Health Improvement Plan will make an impact.

Container Gardens

Container gardens are helping county residents grow their own food through the Creating Healthy Communities grant.

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SAFE Delaware has an important message for the health and safety of our community

Go Healthy! Delaware County


Whether you live, work or play in Delaware County, we want to make sure that you maximize your health, not just today, but forever. In 2015, Delaware County was ranked as the healthiest county in the State of Ohio, but that doesn't mean we cannot make improvements. Go Healthy! Delaware County is a movement that is invested in assuring that Delaware County leads the nation in preventing chronic disease, preventing intentional and unintentional injuries, improving maternal and child health and making Delaware County both environmentally beautiful and prepared for any emergency.   

Join us as we provide a wide variety of resources and ideas to help make our environment a place where we can make healthy choices, easy choices. We are here to help you take individual action; determine strategies you can use at your workplace, school or community; find resources to improve health options available to you; and become involved in various coalitions based on your interests. Go Healthy! Delaware County wants to work with you to make life easier and healthier!

Thanks for checking us out and we look forward to improving everyone's health.

Remember Go Healthy! Delaware County!