Healthcare Coalition

The Delaware County Healthcare Coalition will promote regional emergency response coordination through cooperative planning, training, and exercising to jointly respond to man-made or natural emergencies.
The Delaware County Healthcare Coalition endeavors to develop and promote county emergency preparedness and response capabilities of the county by:
·        Strengthening medical surge capacity and capabilities
·        Building relationships and partnerships
·        Promoting situation awareness among county healthcare coalition members
·        Facilitating communication, information and resource sharing
·        Maximizing movement and utilization of existing resources
·        Assisting emergency management and Emergency Support Function (ESF) #8 partners.
·        Coordinating training, drills, and exercises
The Delaware County Healthcare Coalition (CHC) is a multiagency, multidisciplinary group of entities and individuals working together to promote, consolidate and collaborate in a unified response to emergencies affecting county healthcare organizations.
Contact Information:
Celeste Revelas