Partnership for a Healthy Delaware County

To serve as Delaware County’s lead community-based partnership working to improve residents’ health status by:
·        Enhancing community organization planning and collaboration on health issues;
·        Supporting initiatives to build a healthier community;
·        Focusing community health resources;
·        Increasing access to quality health care; and
·        Encouraging the community to be well informed and proactive on health issues.
The Partnership is the Steering Committee for the Delaware County community health strategic planning process composed of over 60 representatives of different sectors of the Delaware County community including health and social service agencies, government, hospital, faith community, businesses, academia, community residents and media. The strategic planning process is community-driven and identifies the current health and social needs in the community and develops a Community Health Improvement Plan (CHIP) to address those needs.
March 16, 2016 Meeting Items:
Partnership Minutes
2014-2018 CHIP Action Plan_4Q Progress Report
2014 Youth Health Assessment Report
Partnership Mtg_2016 CHIP Revision Overview
2014-2018 CHIP Action Plan_2015 Revisions For 2016
Partnership Mtg_Indicator Update PowerPoint
March 16, 2016 Meeting Presentations:
Narcan Presentation_Captain Jennings
Partnership and the Big Picture_SheliaHiddleson
Signs of Suicide_MichellePrice
Contact Information:
Lori Kannally